Stachlen Coaching & Consulting

Educational Leadership Coaching & Consulting

  • Working through leadership challenges
  • Leading a campus to success
  • Creating a climate of learning
  • Helping struggling teachers
  • Using data in making campus decisions
  • Setting norms
  • Creating a PLC vision
  • Empowering team members
  • Encouraging growth
  • Establishing a climate of collaboration
  • Building teacher efficacy  
Building Data Driven Teams
Campus Leadership
Every campus administrator and teacher is a superhero. They play a major roll in shaping  the next generation of world leaders. 
But sometimes even superheros hit bumps in the road or air pockets in the sky. Let Stachlen help you build strong productive teams, organize campus programs, mentor and coach staff and create a positive school climate.
  • Team Data Coaching & Mentoring
  • Using research based instructional strategies
  • Creating student success
  • Setting Goals and instructional strategies  
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Quality leadership is crucial to the success of any academy institute.