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Patricia Clarkson M.Ed., CPC, ELI-MP

Patricia Clarkson M.Ed., CPC, ELI-MP
Certified Instructional Coach
Professional Service Provider (PSP)

Patricia Clarkson brings with her 30+ years in public and private education as well as 40+ years in Christian leadership. She holds a BBA and an M.Ed. She has conducted numerous staff development workshops, mentored teachers and students, as well as coached educational leaders. Her degrees in business and education have afforded her the opportunities to develop leaders while holding professional positions as Department Leader, Educational Supervisor, Dean of Instruction, Assistant Principal, and High School Principal.  

During her 40+ years in the ministry she has developed children's programs as well as women's programs. She has coached, mentored, and aided in the development of church leaders. She is the Executive Secretary of a thriving non-profit organization and is committed to the growth and sustainability of leaders.

As a Certified Professional Coach, Certified Educational Leadership Coach and an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner she knows there is a leader in everyone.  
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V. Bonilla - History Teacher
Patricia Clarkson is a winner who will work hard and long to achieve goals. Patricia is a people person who will strive to guide you to do your best at all times. 

 B Jirasek Campus - Principal  
Patricia Clarkson is a dynamic, high energy, motivational leadership consultant. Her knowledge in curriculum, data, instruction and motivating people is demonstrated and taught during her sessions. She guides and teaches how to build an organizational team while motivating teachers to produce greater academic results. Ms. Clarkson’s expertise and experience in data disaggregation helps teachers and administrators target students’ strengths and weaknesses and provide differentiated instruction in order for students’ gaps to close and increase achievement. 

C. Burkhart Campus  - Principal
 Mrs. Clarkson is definitely the “Real Deal!” Patricia has a special energy surrounding her. She has played a key role in shaping me as a leader, and I will never forget the gains and success made under her leadership. Her innate ability to relate to others combined with her willingness to take on challenges, complete tasks, are inspirational. Patricia quickly establishes rapport and a high level of trust. 
 Y. Lozano - Counselor  
 Patricia Clarkson has had a strong professional influence on my attainment of  the knowledge, skills and practices of effective leadership.  She has demonstrated many of the researched and effective educational leadership skills I have acquired knowledge of through my studies and has contributed much to my professional growth. 

 T. Arons Math Teacher
Patricia Clarkson is a powerful, inspiring coach. After working  with her  I have become a strong teacher leader. Thank you   
Cerna - Math Teachder
Mrs. Clarkson is an amazing  coach who  has personally helped me become a better professional. I was the  type of person who was quiet and I would never see myself as a person in charge, whereas now I am more outspoken and in charge of the district UIL academic program. Now looking back I have realized that Mrs. Clarkson has molded me to be a better teacher and overall a better leader in and out of the classroom. The leadership techniques I have learned from Mrs. Clarkson will be very beneficial to my career and my  life.   
C. Engleman -Educational Consultant

Patricia Clarkson is definitely one of the finest educators I have been associated with.  Her personality, ethics, morals, skills and knowledge are all superior. Her record as a high school principal speaks for itself. She took over a struggling and low performing school and not only turned it around the first year, but has sustained the high performance for 5 years! Patricia is proactive and goes above and beyond normal expectations to insure success. I admire her administrative skills and feel that she will excel in helping any school in which she chooses to work.
Assistant Principal
Patricia Clarkson is an exceptional leadership coach, from which  I must  say I have learned plenty. Through her leadership coaching, I feel I have grown as a person, a professional and a teacher leader.  Mrs. Clarkson is a person with outstanding people and leadership skills. I have learned from her  that a good leader is not one that tells you what you must do every step of the way,but one who is there to facilitate, mold and shape the existing ideas. I  also benefited from learning that it takes an entire team to produce results and  the leader should always stand up for the team. 
 D. Sligh - English Teacher
From the very beginning of my coaching with Mrs. Clarkson, I felt like I was working towards something great. Mrs. Clarkson exudes confidence and wisdom. Working with her has taught me many things about what leadership should be. She is very giving of her time and truly wants teachers to grow and develop into quality leaders. She has helped me realize valuable and effective ways to improve my craft as a teacher.  Her observations were always followed with some useful insight into things that I was not aware of. She is very encouraging and I felt empowered after talking to her. I always knew that she wanted the best for me.  
 English Teacher
As  I begin my third year teaching, I can honestly say that I would not be teaching anymore if Mrs. Clarkson had not helped me be a good teacher. After a frustrating and disappointing first year, I was not sure that I even wanted to teach anymore. Mrs. Clarkson believed in me more than I did and would not allow  me to do any less than my best. She leads with a soft touch and allowed me to realize my potential. I am truly honored to have worked with her.  
J. Ybarra - Math Teacher
 I have had the privilege of working with Patricia Clarkson for the past five years. She has been a great coach and mentor. She demonstrated the strength of developing a united team, trusting each other and  the value of honesty. She had me examine myself as well as paying attention to the other on my team. I were able to value everyone more, therefore the trust and honesty fit right into the plan.  As a result my departments, the professional high school staff and the support staff all saw positive outcomes for each department or as a whole group for our school.  
 D. Delgado -Personnel Director 
Patricia Clarkson cultivates the attribute of personal reflection and the power that stems from thinking things through, pondering how decisions will affect the team, etc. Patricia Clarkson empowers those she works with and values building sustainability. She is a champion in education, promotes  life-long learning. As a new assistant administrator, I was often asked  to observe her and take part in the team building process, I was always reminded to “READ THE MANUAL”, and when I got stuck, she was a wealth of knowledge always ready to guide my learning.   Patricia Clarkson coaches where others just delegate!”